Frequently Asked Questions

about us

Why Hire Tree Hugger Arborist Services

We are a tight knit local company who pride ourselves on timely and efficient service of the highest caliber.  We weed out tire kickers and those looking for the cheapest to streamline our services to those who know what they want and want it done by the very best in the tree care industry. We appreciate and respect your time and expect the same of ours.

Do you charge by the hour or job?

We typically charge by the job. In certain situations, we do have a day rate. Just give us a call estimates are free.

Are you Insured?

Yes, Tree Huggers Arborist Services are covered by a 2 Million dollar liability policy, as well as having government mandated WCB in place.

What are the methods of payment?

We accept cheque, cash, and E transfer.

When do I pay?

You pay when the job is complete and you are 100% satisfied with our work.

When can you get my job done?

We typically can assess your tree needs and have an estimate to you within 48 hours.  Booking of jobs for completion depends on the time of year, but ranges from 1-10 days.

Ready to Call Us!

A quote is a quote and we will never charge you more. If the scope of work changes, we’ll discuss it with you and break it down. Our goal is to do our job well and to be invited back.