Land Clearing


Tree Hugger Arborist Services provides a hassle-free approach to all your land clearing needs.


  1. Thinning of the lower canopy,
  2. Stump excavation
  3. Stump grinding,
  4. Vegetation clearing.
  5. Fence Line clearing
  6. Power line safety

Our experienced crew will asses the land and implement a plan of action to achieve the best results for your landing clearing needs. We are dedicated to safety and strive to achieve the least impact on our environment when doing a land clearing project. Whether its tree pruning, brush removal, or a hazardous tree that needs to be removed, we will consider and discuss the best vegetation management options with you. If you have a tree that is structurally unsound that could strike an electric supply line, we will safely remove the tree and clear the land. If you need trees and vegetation removed for a fence line we can help quickly and safely.


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